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Monday, October 4, 2010

HIGHWAYS & BYWAYS - A Win, Loss, and Bye

Yesterday was our Sunday drive ~ a chilly, windy fall afternoon, but perfect for exploring the highways and byways of NW Ohio and eventually NE Indiana as more Sundays come our way. We had three destinations in mind - the Lincoln Ridge Pumpkin and Mum Festival, Gomer for the traveling Welsh exhibit, and finally, Landeck to try Keith's Tavern's "world famous" fried chicken.

First stop - Lincoln Ridge where we had our "loss" of the day (financially and event-wise). We had read about this festival on the Ohio Tourism site where we were looking forward to "a hay ride.  Go(ing) out into the field and pick(ing our) own pumpkin, just the right one...Have you ever been through a corn tunnel?  Here will be the opportunity to do this and tell all your friends about it.  You can participate in the straw stack, a goat boardwalk and sit back and enjoy the bonfire to warm you up while you enjoy some delicious food." 

Now we are not so naive to believe that all of these "goodies" would be free, but the Ohio Tourism site lists the event itself as "free admission" so you can imagine our surprise when we pulled in the drive to be met by an imposing cowboy-hatted gentlemen you looked us up and down and then said, "It'll be $15.00 for your carload."  So stunned, in fact, that, yes, we just handed over the money, no questions asked :/  I know, I know -- we should have put the car in reverse or inquired what was under the hat....but obviously we were under the total false advertisement hypnotic spell and simply handed Mr. Lincoln Ridge $15.00 as Kevin whispered "Oh, s..."

Trying to think the best, we parked the car and ventured out among the activities, hoping that the purple jack-o-lantern wrist bands we had been gifted with would, indeed, entitle us to free food, free pumpkins, free fun for was for sale.  Pumpkins were 30 cents a pound (I raised and sold pumpkins in a prior life - they weigh a LOT!).  However, there, was one freebie that we got to enjoy (worth the $15? I'll let you decide).  When we had the Pumpkin Patch, Dad alway "dreamed" (or joked, lol) about having a pumpkin catapult -- here's the "Punkin Chunkin" we got to experience at Lincoln Ridge -- all $15 worth of it :)

Check in tomorrow as things improved greatly when we found Gomer (yep, Gomer!) and finished up with supper at Landeck.


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