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Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Love Day

The 14th of February isn't the only celebration of love in this month for our family.  Today is the birthday of our first and very special granddaughter, Miss Abigail Elizabeth - turning 4, going on 30 some days, insisting that she is turning 5.  We celebrated her birthday this past weekend with a big family party, a "Tangled" theme, based on the Disney movie version of Rapunzel.  Abby is very much "into" all of the Disney princesses at this point in her can see she wears the part well as she is receiving her "princess chariot" from Seanathair (hubby) - her name for him (Irish for "grandfather").

I have to share the following the conversation which for me was the funniest part of the whole party, a big gathering with family members from both sides of the family tree.  Before the gift opening, I was sitting at a small table with hubby, my mother, and our youngest daughter.  Abby came over with her cousin (from the other side of the family tree) in tow, almost a year older who was saying, "Abby, I don't know these people."  Abby smiled, pointed around our table and introduced us to her cousin, "This is Mimi; this is Seanathair; this is Tia; and this is Gigi."  Cousin Ann quickly took Abby's hand again and said, "C'mon, Abby, let's go."  When they left, "Tia," (aka Soccer Girl, Goalie Daughter - Abby's Aunt) burst out laughing and said, "Do you realize how that probably sounded? Mimi, Seanathair, Tia, and Gigi? What kind of names are those?" By then we were all laughing, realizing why Ann had made a hasty retreat and I said, "Stranger danger, no doubt with those names!"  But then we decided we really like our special names, our "stand-out" titles -- and Abby was certainly very proud to introduce us.  Smiles all around.

Happy birthday, Abby!


Sarah said...

Love it!!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Aw, what a great looking party! I bet the beautiful birthday girl had a blast with all sorts of family and friends to celebrate her special day :)

I hear you with the 'special' names; growing up, my sister and I called our aunts Ciocia because that means Aunt in Polish.

For the longest time we wondered why no one else our age had Ciocias like we did! Hehe!

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