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Monday, February 11, 2013

Letting Go

Monday, indeed. I was pretty sure where I was going to be heading with my post this morning, and then I woke up to high wind warnings and news. Big news. I mean big news perspectively, I suppose.  First, the Pope is resigning.  Now for many, that may not seem like big news, but consider this - this will be the first time a pope has resigned in more than 600 years.  Yeah, six HUNDRED years.  The last pope to resign was Pope Gregory XII in 1415.  That's pretty big.  Popes don't resign.  They die.  They hold on fast and do not let go no matter what until that final breath. 

So, then I reconsidered a bit what I planned on writing about - this week will start the season of Lent in the Christian church (in one of my former lives my career followed the church calendar religiously - yes, I know I just typed that).  Across the world, Ash Wednesday will draw penitent worshipers, remembering anew our mortality, sinfulness, and grace in the risen Christ.  Mardi Gras celebrations will precede this, one last hoo-rah before the quiet season of reflection - or perhaps a Shrove Tuesday as in our home, meaning hubby's incredible pancakes for supper.  The pre-Easter season for many may mean a time traditionally for "giving up" or sacrificing (or in more recent times, for adding a spiritual practice).

As I said, in "another life," my career was tied to the church, but now I find myself, though faith-centered, not church-oriented, not unlike many in our society today.  Yet, this season still calls to me, much like Advent, to prepare myself, to look inward, to search, to "give up."  Last night, a Facebook friend shared this article which is what I planned to share today - "15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy."  Nothing like a good checklist to get through life.

Reading through the list, I realize the common thread weaving through all fifteen "to-do's" is the "simple to say, harder to-do" letting go.  That giving up, resigning - not out of quitting - but out of peaceful rest and acceptance.  And so, perhaps, what I planned to share today and the news that greeted me are not that far apart.  I believe that this season ahead is calling me to let go - not to quit, but to let go of many things I hold too tightly, to give peaceful release and open myself to what acceptance might bring.

What about you? 


Mandi said...

Very thought provoking. Lately, I have been reflecting a lot on the past, especially things I've done wrong. I know it is time to let go...easier said than done. Hopefully soon.

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