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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall Runway

I am SOOO ready for fall -- I know I shouldn't complain about the weather as we've had a pretty lenient summer in terms of heat, but I am really over this latest heat wave.  When it gets to be Labor Day weekend and I see the kids are all back to school, I am ready for fall - not 90 degree temps.  Bring on the 60's, football, McIntosh apples, changing leaves, apple cider, soccer games (oops, that should have been listed a little earlier...), sweater get the idea.

Since the weather isn't cooperating, I turned to Pantone's 2013 Fall Color Palette to give me some fall inspiration this week, and I wasn't disappointed.  These colors are cool, inviting, and ready to tailgate!

Some of  my favorites "pop" out right away, and of course, when I see colors, I "see" stones and/or crystal colors.  I am loving "Samba" as red is my color, so I am thrilled to see it in the line up this fall.  For me that would be red coral or perhaps siam or crystal red magma Swarovski (can't help but think scarlet and gray here - especially with "Turbulence" - GO BUCKS! -  or red and black - "GO OWU!" - it's my last season as a soccer mom - pass the tissue box :/).

Played yesterday with some Kambaba jasper which came to mind when I saw the "Deep Lichen Green," "Linden Green," and "Turbulence."  Great combination.

Our little "Miss Abby" would be very happy to see her two favorite colors here - pink and purple - "Vivacious" and "Acai."  I'm excited to work with a few of my favorite stones - amethyst, rose quartz, crazy lace agate, lavender agate, cherry jade.

"Koi" is the perfect autumn color and would be wonderful for carnelian or if working with "Carafe" as well, numerous beautiful jaspers.

My other favorite color is blue, especially the brilliant tint of "Mykonos Blue."  I'm thinking sodalite, lapis lazuli, so many brilliant Swarovski colors.

I'm also glad to see a carry-over from spring in "Emerald" (for some reason I look pretty good in this color, if I do say so myself, lol).  No, unfortunately, I don't have any lose emeralds about to work with for this, but the "aqua" shade for fall brings to mind the green that can be found in some chrysocolla - have to look for these special pieces, but they are so pretty and worth the look.  And I like the idea that chrysocolla is associated with bringing serenity, clarity, and peace.

So, warm me up some cider, bring me my soccer game blanket and bead board, and let's get this fall moving!


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