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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kambaba for Fall

As I mentioned in my last post about this season's fall colors, the palette includes "Deep Lichen Green," "Linden Green," and "Turbulence," all of which are shades that can be found in kambaba jasper, a beautiful stone which is associated with protection, wholeness, and serenity.

A few years ago, I made a kamababa set (necklace above), but have not done anything recently with the stone until this week.  Working with the new fall colors as my inspiration, I returned to this variegated beauty and let the simplicity of hammered sterling silver ovals be the backdrop for the shades of green, gray, and black.

Still don't have these listed yet - will probably see them in the Artfire shop soon :)  Excited to do some more work with kambaba this season - maybe it's time for another set!  Of course, the carnelian is also calling to as much to do - loving these fall colors!


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