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Monday, September 23, 2013

Breathing Room

After another whirlwind, but wonderful weekend - another team dinner for the soccer ladies, taking our 4-year-old granddaughter on her first real shopping trip ("No, honey, Daddy, doesn't like Hello Kitty"), soccer game with goalie girl defending her heart out (11 saves and 25 shots on goal), and great dinner catching up with friends - I'm actually looking at a few days of "breathing room."  How nice it feels!

I've cleared the office desk of any annoying paperwork that had been awaiting me, finished some final planning for our upcoming Fall Road Trip Part 1, and now am getting ready to catch up on reading/clearing some of my "Pocket" bookmarks.  

After years of overloading my browser bookmarks (and rarely cleaning them out), I was very happy to come across the  "Pocket" application.  This handy tool allows you to quickly save browser pages on any device you have your Pocket account loaded -- and more importantly, allows you to access and read any items in your "pocket" offline, so much easier than the old-fashioned "bookmarks."  You also can categorize your items (I haven't gotten that're not surprised) ;)

So, a quick peek into my pocket right now, finds this little gem which is very good reading given my "breathing room" this week.  Great article - great advice.  Enjoy, and happy "pocketing"!

30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself


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