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Monday, September 16, 2013

If It's Monday, I Must Be in...

I literally have been living out of a suitcase the last few weeks...well, ok, my Land's End totes.  It's soccer season; we have three adorable grandchildren; and our oldest daughter had to be hospitalized with an overlooked kidney infection.  From one day to the next, I have been swapping out hats - soccer Mom, Mimi, and Mom....hence, no time for this.  But here's a glimpse of what life has been like :)

One special little girl had her first day of Preschool Pre-K (I stand corrected - there is a big difference!). 

This little one melts my heart whenever she looks at me - as do her brother and sister, of course :)

Ladies, listen to your bodies and allow your bodies to override what doctors may try to tell you (my daughter was told for two days - and then into a weekend - that she had an ovarian cyst...and then a "very large" ovarian cyst when she tried to explain she was getting worse....real diagnosis ended up being a kidney infection which of course, was raging by the time it was caught so she ended up being hospitalized).  And moms, follow up on your gut instincts when you're in the ER with your daughter and son-in-law with a "breeze in and breeze out" ER doc and speak up if the diagnosis doesn't jive with the symptoms....believe me, it will save you a lot of mommy-guilt later on :/  Yes, mommy-guilt follows you no matter the age.

Ah, and take a look at this yummy dish.

And seems so easy-peasy, too.  And, I tried it out for hubby and myself - so, yes, it is pretty easy-peasy...I do recommend increasing the ricotta mixture a bit as even with measuring the 1/4 cup per noodle, there was not enough to do 8 roll-ups.  

HOWEVER, I do NOT recommend selecting this recipe to prepare for 36 college soccer players and their coach unless you are better at time management than I am....long story short:  one pan of roll-ups, 3 pans of caprese lasagna, dinner arrives 30 minutes late, team still delightfully happy and gracious.  Whew!

Soccer season is in full swing...

Making jewelry?  Must find time...must find time...

On the road again...


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