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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Got an email from Andrew overnight and was able to catch up with him finally by phone today to learn how he experienced Inauguration Day in Tanzania. Here's a "snippet" of his email:

"In Moshi for Obama and it was amazing! Watched the entire thing with 3 other volunteers, an American, a Canadian, Dutch, and a New Zealander. The power in the city only went out twice, but it was during some crucial moments like Biden's inauguration and the very end of Obama's speech. Nonetheless, was very happy to be an American and a volunteer in the UNITED STATES Peace Corps, something that I'm now comfortable adding onto my introductions. ;)"

When we talked today, he explained that the atmosphere was very joyous and crowds were large, but they had opted for a smaller canteen-type restaurant to dine in and watch the event...and that he was glad for the choice. He said that one of diners was a former PC volunteer from the 60's and related her experiences with the Civil Rights movement. Noting the various nationalities also in attendance, Andrew said the discussion post-inauguration regarding politics, world-impact, etc. was very interesting and engaging. He said they were glad they had opted out of one of the larger "bashes" that was occuring throughout Moshi for the more intimate setting.


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