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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sunday cocooning on a winter's day means...

  • time to design and create four pairs of earrings ~ and who knows, the evening's young!
  • a warm, soothing cup of "Comfort and Joy" tea
  • watching intermittent "snow-globe" snow out the patio window
  • catching a sight of 6 deer running through the woods...and keeping Scout at bay :-)
  • enjoying the best screen "almost-kiss" yet again (how can you forget that scene in the rain?) and getting ready to enjoy the best screen kiss as I watch, yes, one more time, "Pride and Prejudice" (why does Mr. Darcy make me swoon?)
  • finishing Three Cups of Tea -- highly recommend! and looking forward to now moving on to the next in the Twilight series, Eclipse (hoping I can read this even though Scout got a hold of it, too - yes, our dog has a "penchant" for "good reads" apparently, too! LOL!)


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