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Saturday, February 14, 2009

BLAH - BLAH - BLAH...Ok, Happy Valentine's Day ;-)

Yes, it is February 14th, Valentine's Day, and yes, I will post, but no, I will NOT get if you're here to try to get "juicy details" - move on...about as personal as I'm going to get today is to let you know that one of my best Valentine's ever was waiting for me this morning from Hannah (2 yummy special treats, of course) but a wonderful card declaring me to be the best mom ever (and she "seconded" the sentiment in her own writing :-)). Now you know that will warm my heart for a long, long time!

I did do some online surfing to see what Valentine goodies might catch my eye to share with you today and found some fun things and great new shops...

I LOVE this card from Hidenseek, an Etsy shop in the UK. This extremely talented artist brings to mind old-style children's books and fairy tales....and I couldn't resist the little girl's red dress and brown hair, although my hair was always cut in a pixie!

And, yes, now you know where my post title actually comes from - these soaps caught my eye when I was searching with the keyword "Valentine" and MariaElenaEvents has them in a large assortment of scents to choose from - a great deal! Plus, I really had to appreciate her sense of humor...

Now, for those of you who just can't make up your mind may need this from FiligreeandFindings on ArtFire! What a great find!

Sometimes I like to window shop, and yes, even buy occasionally when I can, jewelry instead of making my own (I know, it's shocking, isn't it!)....if I could, these babies would be in my cart today! Maybe tomorrow (if you don't beat me to them!) ~ from one of my favorite artisans and a great pal, too...AbeleesHandcrafted on 1000Markets:

So, I do wish you a very wonderful Valentine's Day ~ may you be surrounded by all those who love you and filled with love yourself ~ blah, blah, blah! ;-) Peace...

P.S. A little "Valentine 101 Romance Advice" from Hannah as we're driving home from the "mountain" today ~
HANNAH: "Y'know, I think, alotta guys think it's romantic to teach their girlfriends to snowboard on a day like this and they're wrong."
ME: "Really?"
HANNAH: "Yeah, I mean, I can't tell you how many times I've heard on the lift, 'Why did you tell me to do that?' or 'You told me to do it that way!' or 'I just want to go home!' They should just let them learn on their own. I don't think I would want anyone trying to teach me how to snowboard."

You heard it here, guys -- listen up! Dinner and a movie - don't make it complicated.


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