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Friday, February 27, 2009


When I first opened the shop at Etsy, I never dreamed the wonderful relationships that would be made and friendships forged over the years ~ all through this amazing internet world. I am the first to question my youngest daughter about the fact that most of her communication with friends these days is only via text messaging....and yet, I am now not surprised to find that I do have very dear friends all over this world who I have never met - we "convo," we post on our boards, some of us in a group meet at a designated time to chat online on a weekly basis, we Twitter, we Facebook, we email...we connect, touch base, support each other, and talk about what a great party it would be if we would ever all meet in one place!

One of my earliest Etsy friends, I discovered when I was searching for a special 15th birthday present for Hannah and found the amazing artwork of Stephanie Chisholm, aka Artchiz, aka the "Chiz." I emailed ("convoed" in Etsy terms) Chiz, explaining Hannah's upcoming birthday, her passion for zebras, and inquiring if perhaps a custom piece would be possible. Over the next several weeks, not only did an incredible birthday present develop but also a new friendship as Steph's enthusiasm for the project and Hannah's response was matched by my own.

This is "Hannah's Pride," the painting that Chiz did for Hannah's birthday ~ how wonderful is that!

Steph, an NYC (oops, sorry, a Bronx) artist, has a long list of accomplishments and continues to add this list...
  • The Saint Gaudens Medal for Draftsmanship at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The BRIO Fellowship from Bronx Council of the Arts
  • Recent Shows ~ International NY ARTEXPO at the Javitis Center; The New York City Heath and Hospitals Corporation Art Collection; Blackwash Art Gallery, NYC; Bronx Art Museum, NYC
  • Original works are included in The Permanent Print Collection, The New York Public Library - NYC; The Permanent Collection of the Art Students League of New York - NYC
I have been watching the last several months with delight as Chiz completed each of her imaginative and colorful alphabet city animals. Her creative eye makes me smile, laugh and journey with her into a beautiful city. I was thrilled to learn yesterday that now, Chiz can add "author" to her list of accolades as Alphabet City, the book, has been published and is ready for purchase!

It is a wonderful children's book and a great treat for adults as well with its bright, bold artwork. As Steph writes in Alphabet City's introduction:

Come frolick through New York City and thru the entire alphabet with me. Celebrate the fun & run thru the wonderful playground of NYC & practice your ABCs.

Alphabet City is available for purchase NOW online ($19.95 - $31.95 depending on cover options, plus shipping) ~ I know I'm ordering my copy today....I've got a new granddaughter that needs to get busy on her ABC's with her Mimi :-) and I can't think of a better artist to introduce them to her - thanks, finished this just in time!


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