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Monday, August 19, 2013

Morning Glory & Help, Please!

I've been away from the garden for a few days - exciting family moments (goalie girl returning from her summer abroad, celebrating her 21st birthday with us, and heading back to school for her senior year - where did these years go? And yes, that means another - the final - soccer season is upon us; our little granddaughter's baptism - again, it seems just a blink when we celebrated that with our oldest granddaughter four years ago).  So, when I headed out this morning there were quite a few changes waiting for me.  This sunshiny beauty was the first I noticed and certainly made me smile, actually, laugh.  There are a row of them along the back of the garden, and this is the first to burst forth.

Beans, beans, beans - yes, there are more beans.  I had to go hunting (this is our first garden, and it really is more like a jungle than a neatly kept garden bed) as the three bean bushes have been over run by summer squash and several tomato plants, but there were more than enough for another round of our favorite beans, cherry tomatoes (oh, yes, those are ready), and feta cheese salad.  And more beans are still on the way.

A few summer squash are working away, and more zucchini are on the way (naturally).  But the big news is the tomatoes are finally turning -- and yes, we did overplant (did I really think otherwise??).  Goodness!  I brought in plenty of cherry tomatoes for the salad mentioned above -- and to add to another quinoa veggie salad for tonight.  Also picked about four giant red 'maters (to add to several ones already in the house that hubby had picked a couple of days ago).  We're doing BLT's for lunch with the remaining lettuce that I picked.

So, with a garden FULL of tomatoes about to turn at the same time, the question is -- what are your favorite tomato recipes -- and please keep in mind, I will NOT be canning or freezing.  We will use what we can (love fresh salsa -- would consider freezing some of that in small batches, if possible -- and fresh pasta sauce) and be giving away lots, I think, but would love to try some new recipes with our bounty!  We do have access to LOTS of fresh herbs (overplanted on the basil as well) :)

Feel free to leave recipe links in your comments and keep them coming!  Thanks :)


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Darn, my fave (actually we use the majority of our tomatoes for this) is hubby's salsa, but we can those. We don't have a canner, just use water-bath. That's safe for most tomato-based recipes.

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