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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Calling All Knitters!

I love penguins.  There is something adorable about the tuxedo-wearing, teeter-tottering creatures that has always made me smile.  So when this "news" came across my Facebook feed this morning, I didn't hesitate to share it and knew that I'd be pulling out my own needles and collection of leftover yarn (oh, don't ask about that pile in the corner...) to help out.

The sweater ("jumper" as it is called) pattern is available for downloading on the site as are directions for mailing.  I'm planning to share the project with my knitting group and see if we can get a few "jumpers" to mail.  C'mon - if you're a knitter, I know you've got a stash, too! ;)  Why not give it a go?


Adaptable Kay said...

That is absolutely adorable!! I have a few knitting buddies that might be interested in participating as well :)

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