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Monday, March 3, 2014

Mr. Matt Turns Three!

A new month, another birthday to celebrate - yes, that's the way it is this time of year for Mimi.  Today is our Matthew's third birthday, and what a terrific three-year-old he is!  Again, I am amazed at how quickly the years are passing.


Happy, happy birthday, dear Matthew - you are our big boy, and we love you so very much!

And, a "birthday" poem for you, sweet Matt...

"Noise Day"

Let’s have one day for girls and boyses
When you can make the grandest noises.
Screech, scream, clang a bell,
Sneeze– – hiccup– – whistle– – shout,
Laugh until your lungs wear out,
Toot a whistle, kick a can,
Bang a spoon against a pan,
Sing, yodel, bellow, hum,
Blow a horn, beat a drum,
Rattle a window, slam a door,
Scrape a rake across the floor,

Use a drill, drive a nail,
Turn the hose on the garbage pail,
Shout Yahoo– – Hurrah– – Hooray,
Turn up the music all the way,
Try and bounce your bowling ball,
Ride a skateboard up the wall,
Chomp your food with a smack and a slurp,
Chew– – chomp– – hiccup– – burp.
One day a year do all of these,
The rest of the days– – be quiet please.
                --- Shel Silverstein

(Well, maybe not...) :)


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