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Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Here!!!!

Yay!! My soup has arrived, and I am SOOOO excited! It is just what the doctor ordered :)  First, excuses for being AWOL....well, there you go.  No, seriously, a repeat bout with a nasty infection landed me in the hospital for a few days - and said infection really beats the energy out of me as well (nice stuff, eh?) so yes, it actually took this package to "kick" me back here ;)

Back in January, I posted an announcement about the 8th Bead Soup Blog Party, hosted by the most-incredible, super-awesome, unbelievably-talented Lori Anderson (all of those superlative adjectives mean you really must take some time to visit her blog, her website, and show her some love).  After only ONE day of sign-ups this year, we still have almost 500 participants WORLD-WIDE!  This is my second year so I still consider myself a "newbie."

As a "newbie," I was a little surprised but VERY thrilled to be matched up with my soup partner, Susan M. Walls of Charming Trinkets, who is participating in the soup for the first time (but as you can/will see has creativity and experience that is so inspiring).  The "rules" of the soup are that we "make" a bead "soup" for each other which must contain at least one focal and one clasp in addition to whatever else we would like to add to the "recipe."  Once each "cook" receives the soup, we have until May 3rd to design and create at least one piece featuring the focal and/or clasp (but more pieces can be made) by adding to the "recipe" as needed.  On May 3rd, ALL soupers will post their creations on their blogs AND on the 8th BSBP Pinterest Board.  AND a wonderful blog hop begins as we all start jumping around to see what we've created by visiting as many blogs as we can.

Last week, before I was sidelined, I carefully mixed my soup for Susan and packed it all for her, ready to head for sunny southern California (someone might be trying to tell me something as my soup partner last year, Mandi E., of Craft-o-licious, is also from southern California!). :)

Here's a sneak peek of what I sent - the "big reveal" of the soups will be next week as both Susan & I have now received our packages.

And NOW, it's here - my soup from Susan arrived today! is SOOOOO over-the-stovetop,  perfectly terrific!  I'm holding off on sharing it with you until next week - and be sure to check in next Friday when I'll have a special feature on Susan and her shop!  But, for now, enjoy what I did as I opened the package and found such joy I'm learning, Susan's trademark, "FUN!" inside!! :)

"FUN!" indeed!  See you next week! ;)


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