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Friday, March 13, 2009


I've got another collection of Friday Favorites for you today...first up, answers the "age-old" question (hmm....sure!), where does Sue buy her earrings when she doesn't make her own??? I know you were wondering! Well, take a peek ~ yes, I did scoop them up finally after "dreaming of them" for quite a while! These Red Coral Drops are on their way to me right now from Lee at AbeleesHandcrafted. And, no, there aren't anymore for you....BUT can find these beauties and more wonderful earrings at Lee's shop right now so be sure to stop by and check it out - incredible design and artisanship!

Wandered onto a very cool website a few weeks ago via my blog-hopping. This site will "age" your photos 100-150 years in a matter of seconds, allowing you to then save the newly "antiqued" copy. Why? Not sure - fun, scrapbooking, photo figure it out. Here's a sample I had some fun with from last summer's vacation. The shot is of a church on Boca Grande, FL:

Voila! Turn of the century Boca Grande!

The website is HINT: when you get to the site, if it is all in Japanese, you can "switch" to English up in the top right hand corner. :-)

Favorite new music this week - have to mention the new U2 album. Find it, listen to it...enjoy! Repeat often. I also discovered a new artist (for me) and have been enjoying her music all week ~ Michelle Featherstone. This is the song that will get me every time:

And...finally, favorite Abby picture of the week is the beginning of her career as a real Buckeye -- titled, "WHO SAID, "Go Blue?"


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