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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As I begin to study "The Artist's Way," this week, I considered that one way I might commit to "tickling" my creative muse on a regular basis was by every Tuesday (Tuesday ~ tickling...see, sometimes there is sense in my nonsensical randomness...) intentionally seeking out and sharing new (or perhaps, tried and true) ways of jump-starting the creative process ~ thinking outside the box ~ heading in a different direction ~ or seeing potential creations with new vision.

Today, I returned to a site I was first introduced to last fall through our Artisan Beaders Street Team Fall Color Palette Challenge ~ There you can see already created wonderful assorted palettes and patterns or create your own, sometimes even creating your own new color!

Knowing that I wanted to focus sometime this week on a new "Pretty in Pink" piece, I headed in "that direction" and first began working on a color palette with that title:

Now as it turns out, the center color was a "new" color and needed to be named in order to be included in the palette (and now forever in the system) :-), and so "Gerbera Pink" has bloomed.

Then I wandered over to the "patterns" and simply browsed through using "pink" as my keyword search to find some favorites that might add some further design and color inspiration for me as I'm working later this week.

My muse is already gearing up and anxious to "play" with these colors and will be interesting to see what appears later in the week as a result. Stay tuned!


Orion Designs said...

Those colors and patterns should be great inspirations for your work Sue. I love that website too!

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