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Monday, March 9, 2009


FOR TODAY, March 9, 2009

Outside my window...the sky's streaks of blue and white seem yet undecided about the day, but the overnight wind has ended our run with spring for now.

I am thinking...of Andrew and how I need to let him know how his niece loves NASCAR (!) - apparently the sound of the cars running on the television fascinates her and lulls her to sleep. Andrew will be so proud - LOL!!

From the learning room...I am beginning a new study of The Artist's Way.

I am thankful for...Hannah and her laughter, her tears, her smiles.

From the kitchen...I have picked up my reliable "green" cookbook (bon appetit - fast easy fresh) to decide on something for tonight as "hockey boy" is joining us for dinner.

I am wearing...a pair of favorite blue jeans (what else, right?) and a warm sweater for the morning's weather that has greeted me.

I am heirloom bracelet for Abigail, more "Pretty in Pink" pieces, and more spring pieces as time permits.

I am enjoy my "Mimi" time this week.

I am reading..."The Artist's Way," "Moon-Calf," and assorted others in "the stack."

I am hoping...that the "ball gets rolling" with Dad's visit to the doctor this morning and that he will be okay.

I am hearing...Ben Taylor - listening to my "mellow" playlist off of napster.

Around the house...much to-do before Hannah's friend arrives later today.

One of my favorite things...was enjoying my niece's dance company performance Saturday night ~ an incredible, creative, talented group ~ such a joy to see!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
filing in the office (yes, I've progressed to that point!); making spring break plans; visiting with Sarah and Abby; being "soccer mom" :-)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

(mother and daughter) :-)


Audrey said...

She is just too cute!! Nascar puts my hubby to sleep too.

Paula said...

A beautiful picture

Pricilla said...

Bwahahaha. So very sorry about the Nascar thing. Oh well! Babies are soooo cute.

At 3:00pm my time (Mountain) there will be a blog award waiting for you from Pricilla. She is very discerning you know....

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