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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last Tuesday, I started a new blog "practice" designed to promote my "artistic energies" or what I call ~ "tickling the muse." Now ideally I am doing this in different ways throughout the week - for example, I'm learning to play golf and my instructor, aware of my "creative, artistic bent" and background is approaching it by telling me that I need to find the rhythm and tempo of my swing...spending time outside in this newly springtime weather is always refreshing to my mind...quiet time with Abby, considering the miracle of new life and hearing the wonderful newborn noises inspire and renew me.

But, yes, on Tuesday, specifically, I'll be searching online for special sites that might be helpful in "tickling the muse" in an "outside the box" approach. Today, especially as one who is not a "traditional artist type" (as in can't draw a straight line and struggled with traditional "art" classes in elementary and junior high school...), I encourage you to visit the National Gallery of Art's site for "kids" of all ages - designed for online painting creations.

There are many options - select different pattern, brush designs; use an auto color option or pick your own colors; once you've made a "painting," apply special effects; or try the "auto" painting creation and see what "pops up." Each of your masterpieces can be framed and saved, printed...and certainly something will inspire you later if color and design is something you use in your work. Most of all, have fun and laugh with joy - after all, that's what tickling the muse is all about!



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