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Friday, October 31, 2008

FALL INTO COLORS ~ The Rest of the Story...

These gorgeous creations are worth the wait, I are more challenge pieces from the ABSTEAM's (Artisan Beaders Street Team) "Fall into Colors" October color palette challenge.

First, from Lee of AbeleesHandcrafted are these beautiful autumn earrings using a "Fall Orchard" palette.
And, I think you'll agree that the chainmaille handiwork on this necklace by Meri of Merigreenleaf is absolutely awesome!

Nicole, of Beadwright, shows her intricate artisan design skills and handiwork ~ amazingly beautiful ~ with this necklace, truly fit for a goddess!

Speaking of detail work, check out these "yummy" APPLE SPICE (what a great name!) earrings from Donna of Creative Treasures by Donna ~ hmm! One of my favorite parts of fall!
My other favorite part of fall? The changing leaves....captured here so perfectly by Brenda of The Jewelry Box (and with the lovely lampwork leaf by our own Deronda of DerondaDesigns)!
I am SO honored and thrilled to be a part of such a talented group of wonderful artisans (and great friends, too!) :-)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have NEVER been a fan of of the television show, South Park; until tonight, I have never seen an episode in its entirety, instead, being "turned off" by either the topics, language, sheer neglect of common decency or all three....yet, it is, sad to say, one of the favorite shows of all three of my children ~ go figure! So, you can imagine my hesitancy...more like, "kicking and screaming" when my youngest suggested that I "absolutely had to see the encore showing" of last night's episode of "Pandemic 2: The Startling" (imagine "Cloverfield" meets "Blair Witch Project" meets "King Kong" or just imagine giant guinea pigs invading New York City and the only "salvation" being Peruvian pan flute bands....). There we were, mother and daughter, for what was supposed to be just long enough for me to see these "giant guinea pigs" ("look, Mom, aren't they cute?") and yet, I was hooked -- this was, incredibly, so, so funny - yes, I had to admit it, and I had to watch the WHOLE thing!

Now, this does NOT mean I'm tuning in next week to see Craig (that's the only character name I remember) and the rest of the crew -- no, I'm sure I'll still be sufficiently shocked to keep the remote rolling, but this episode did have me ROFLMAO (if you have to ask, find a teen-ager!). The clip above just focuses on the "guinea pigs" aka "guinea bees," "guinea rabbits," "guinea rats,".....but if you watch the episode in its entirety (see link below) you will really understand (!! understand South Park? is that possible?! Well, yes, within the confines of comedy, that is -- you will understand and ROFL!!). Enjoy!
South Park ~ Pandemic 2: The Startling


As explained in yesterday's post, the ABSTEAM (Artisan Beaders Street Team) of Etsy is completing a "color palette" challenge, entitled "Fall into Colors," and I'd like to share the beautiful designs created by my fellow artisans. Some of these items are available for purchase in each designer's/creator's Etsy shop along with other wonderful items! If the particular design is not listed in the shop, but you're interested in it, feel free to convo them through their Etsy shop and inquire! :-)

From Vicki of Orion Designs is this gorgeous pendant based on a palette called "Eat Some Leaves."

A palette called "Five Flavors" was the inspiration behind Patty's (Broken Tepee Designs) beautiful necklace.

Ainsley aka Kaskaad had me drooling over this necklace which used a "Cherries and Chocolate" palette. What about you?

And what will be the most special creation of the challenge for all of us is this incredible pendant from Cori of CCDesign. This was the final piece designed and handcrafted by this talented artisan who we were so blessed to know and call our friend as she died suddenly on October 27th from a brain aneurysm. Peace, dear Cori, to you, your family and friends.

More challenge pieces tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Back in September, the Artisan Beaders Street Team began a "color palette challenge" for the new season ~ "Fall into Colors." Each participating member was to design her own palette with the only requirement being that at least one of the colors being brown and then create a finished piece using the colors from the created palette.

It was wonderful to see the developing colors from the team and over the last few weeks, it has been especially exciting to see the incredible designs come forth.

My "October Wedding" palette was inspired by an upcoming wedding of a dear friend's son which was to be held in a beautiful outdoor setting ~ at the bride's family orchard, next to a small lake, late in the afternoon. The colors try to capture what I pictured would be autumn browns, reds, light rose for evening sunset.

The wedding itself was, of course, even more beautiful than anything I could have imagined, and I was thrilled to discover that the colors of my palette were actually "spot-on" (even the bride's dress was a rich, gorgeous deep burgundy!). Upon returning from "wedding road trip," I designed "October Wedding," a necklace with a crab fire agate diamond, surrounded by silver leaf jasper squares and rounds, fancy jasper ovals, rounds of rainbow jasper and green opal, Swarovski pearls in maroon, light-catching Swarovski crystals in silk, garnet, and light smoked topaz and sterling silver rounds.
So, can you find "October Wedding" in the shop? Well, it did reside there for a very short time, but I'm happy to say that it now is going to the perfect home....shh! That's all I can say. :-)

Tomorrow's post....a look at the incredible "Fall into Colors" creations from the Artisan Beaders Street Team!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Victory...By the Light of a Harvest Moon!

Tournament play began last night ~ an exciting match-up with Mt. Vernon under a beautiful October harvest moon. Congratulations, ladies, for a game well-played (4-1) and for moving on to challenge your next opponents!

Marysville 4, Mount Vernon 1
MV (4-11-2) — Goal: Boutin. Saves: McBride 14.
MARY (7-6-4) — Goals: C.Rogers 2, Westbrook, Spears. Saves: Zacharias 2, Clarridge 1. Halftime: 2-1.

Monday, October 6, 2008

And one hopes...

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.
— Allan K. Chalmers