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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Monday, March 8, 2010


Now I know that spring does not officially begin for a couple of more weeks, but after the winter that we've endured - and yes, I do mean endured....and with daylight savings time beginning this coming weekend (what is up with that, anyway??), I'm not waiting any longer!  Yes, it's time for the home decor change-over - the snowmen are going away and out come the spring pastels, Easter decorations (I mean, it's early this year, so hey, I'll be ready!), flowers, and sunshine all around!  Made the short trek to the storage shed to get the needed totes in today's incredible sunshine and unbelievable warmth (we seriously can't remember what 50 degree weather feels like - and yes, I did have my windows open for a while just to breathe the fresh air and enjoy it!).

So begone my once precious snowmen - no more of you will I see until November when I'll once more be ready for white dustings and won't recall this endless gray.  Bring on the sun!