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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Octoberfest Blogfest 2014

Today is reveal day for the third annual Octoberfest Blogfest hosted by Toltec Jewels of Jewel School Friends.  While I'm a little late to the party today in posting ( if you know me, insert "chuckle" here), I am very excited to be a part of this hop, as autumn is hands down my favorite season.  The challenge was to find inspiration in and share creations from fall.  So, with my warm mug of cider at hand, I proceed.

Inspiration is never difficult this time of year, but my muse was especially delighted by a wonderful trip we took "Up North" a few weeks ago, where the trees, lakes, and vineyards were robed in their autumnal beauty.

When we returned, it didn't take me too long to find these gorgeous artisan lampwork beads, green with highlights of leafy brown, burnt orange, reds, to be the focals of this necklace and earring set.  The necklace also features carnelian, fancy jasper, and rainbow jasper nuggets with Swarovski crystals. Welcome fall! So happy to see you again!

Octoberfest Blog Hop 2014

Octoberfest Blogfest 2014

Please "hop" on over to our hostess, Toltec Jewels where you will find the list of all the Blogfest participants - so much awesome autumn inspiration and creations to discover! Happy hopping!