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Monday, May 6, 2013

Seis de Mayo

I know what you're thinking....uhm, you've missed the boat, sweetie.  "Seis de Mayo?"  Yeah, yeah, I know - but I almost never post on the weekend, and I wanted to share our great Cinco de Mayo recipe celebrations so hence....

My first stop whenever deciding (and this time was definitely last minute) to whip up a menu theme is -- full of great recipes and also great menu suggestions.  It was there that I found these terrific ideas.  I will admit that we "shelved" the chicken recipe for another night as by the time we had prepped the other items (read, "Are you sure we have to use real limes for the lime juice?....Don't we have a juicer?....I thought you had a juicer?...."), we decided that a light supper of "Skinny 'ritas," soup, chips & salsa, and sorbet would more than suffice.  Warning - if drinking 'ritas AND having the sorbet - remember the sorbet is very, very potent.  Do NOT have seconds...enough said.

Our Cinco de Mayo Menu - Ole!

Skinny Margaritas on the Rocks


And, the sorbet came out great in our new ice cream maker that I got for Mother's Day....yes, I know Mother's Day isn't until this Sunday, but when I suggested to hubby that we might try it out - you know, see if it worked - he didn't hesitate :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Long Over Due ~ BSBP 3rd Reveal!

Amidst all the excitement of becoming Mimi X 3 last weekend, the 3rd reveal of the Bead Soup Blog Party occurred.  I'm behind on my blog hopping - I have stopped by several wonderful sites and seen some beautiful creations, but there are many more blogs waiting for me.  Meanwhile, let me share just a few of my favorites that I've seen on our Pinterest board.

This luscious cuff caught my eye - love the colors! It was designed by Carmen Lau of Little Maketto.

I have a soft spot for any thing ocean-related, and this bracelet by Jessica Klaaren of Cellar Door Jewelry definitely fits that bill - plus, look at the design - wow!

And finally, at least for today, LOVE this incredible necklace by the awesome organizer of this party, Lori Anderson of Pretty Things.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (almost...)

Love the surprises of a first spring in a "new" house.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nellie Bean!

I've been a little busy lately - I think you can see why.  I am now officially "Mimi 3" as last Friday we welcomed little "Nellie Bean" into the family.  That's her nickname per her mommy and daddy (my oldest daughter and son-in-law) who, along with the rest of her doting relatives are mesmerized by her adorable petite self.  Nellie Edith really isn't that tiny of a baby, weighing in at 7 lbs., 2.6 oz. but on just 19" when compared with her "taller" siblings she does seem just a bit of a thing.

This amazing smile was captured by her daddy during their first night at the hospital -- they know it has to be just "gas" but still, isn't it absolutely precious?  And Nellie was so alert that first day (and night, according to her parents - no sleep for them!).  She finally decided that it was okay to enjoy peace on earth and take some zzz's her second day when she did sleep most of the day.

Nellie is a bright light to our family at this time of year, and her name especially tugs at my heart -- she is named after my father's mother.  Dad's birthday (and the four-year anniversary of his unexpected passing) was this past Sunday - just two days after Nellie's birth.  She  is welcomed at home by my other two precious grandchildren - Abby and Matthew who are already proving to be loving and helpful big sister and big brother.  I think you can tell I adore all of them so very much, but now, whenever, I look at Nellie, I will also be remembering treasured memories with my dad - what a joyful gift!