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Monday, May 6, 2013

Seis de Mayo

I know what you're thinking....uhm, you've missed the boat, sweetie.  "Seis de Mayo?"  Yeah, yeah, I know - but I almost never post on the weekend, and I wanted to share our great Cinco de Mayo recipe celebrations so hence....

My first stop whenever deciding (and this time was definitely last minute) to whip up a menu theme is -- full of great recipes and also great menu suggestions.  It was there that I found these terrific ideas.  I will admit that we "shelved" the chicken recipe for another night as by the time we had prepped the other items (read, "Are you sure we have to use real limes for the lime juice?....Don't we have a juicer?....I thought you had a juicer?...."), we decided that a light supper of "Skinny 'ritas," soup, chips & salsa, and sorbet would more than suffice.  Warning - if drinking 'ritas AND having the sorbet - remember the sorbet is very, very potent.  Do NOT have seconds...enough said.

Our Cinco de Mayo Menu - Ole!

Skinny Margaritas on the Rocks


And, the sorbet came out great in our new ice cream maker that I got for Mother's Day....yes, I know Mother's Day isn't until this Sunday, but when I suggested to hubby that we might try it out - you know, see if it worked - he didn't hesitate :)


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