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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hell's Kitchen sans Gordon

Been awhile hasn't it?  Well, thought I'd rejoin the blogosphere by sharing how I heated up the kitchen Sunday night.  I'm finding that when I get stressed I don't just eat, I cook.  So Sunday night I took on a "Hell's Kitchen" regular for my first time - risotto.

First, let me say that our herb garden has been quite prolific this summer - despite the strange summer weather we are experiencing (will this rain ever stop???).  So I'm finding myself with a whole lot of not just basil but also lemon basil and looking for ways to use it.  Sunday night's menu was amended in various ways to accommodate that.

I used the lemon basil (rather than the called-for regular basil) along with our garden's rosemary and parsley with the chicken breasts.  No shrimp in the risotto but I did keep the asparagus (yum!) and again, used our garden's parsley and substituted our lemon basil for the lemon zest in the recipe.  Hubby was happy with it - I would give myself a B as I think it was still a little too al dente (I think "yes, Chef" would have come raging back at me with the pan).  Next time, I probably will do one more round of broth and simmering...but, not bad for a first effort.

Dessert was bliss.  Mint from our garden with blueberries we had picked up on Saturday at one of our favorite wineries (which is next to a blueberry farm).  And as you've probably guessed by now, lemon basil went into the cream - delish!

Tonight - the vegetable garden is overflowing with spinach and lettuce, so salad night it is - grilled salmon on top.


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