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Monday, July 15, 2013

An Unexpected Retreat

This is the road leading to the house where I am spending the next few days - just a short drive from the bridge leading to the UP of Michigan.  "Up North" as the locals call it.  My mother was heading here to visit with a close friend who has a beautiful vacation home nestled in the Northwoods - I got to "tag" along.  Let's see...time away with a couple of wise women, good food, wine, shopping (Up North promises unique shopping experiences), and no tv - wireless, yes.  How could I resist?  Although I probably should edit that last sentence and place the wine before the good food...

Last night as I lay in bed, I felt like I was a kid back at camp - sleeping up in the house's loft and looking out the window into the woods and hearing nothing but the noises of the night forest.  So peaceful.  And this morning, I realized how much I might improve my own daily "peace" at home by not operating on auto pilot each day and turning on the television immediately every morning to my favorite news station and having that be my background for the day's activities.  How much more serene the morning was enjoying my coffee listening to a radio - NPR news - and then just classical music for the hours as we shared breakfast and prepared for our day.  Seriously, do I really need that television on 24/7?  With as connected to the world as we all are, a quick check-in on Twitter today once or twice was all I needed to see if there was any "breaking news" that might be changing lives.

I brought my beads, some knitting, and reading with me - we'll see if anything gets accomplished other than our daily excursions.  Beyond those, I'm content to sit and "be" in the woods with this great company and our host, Marcel.


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