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Monday, March 24, 2008

Where in the WORLD is Andrew GOING????

If you've been following our Peace Corps-bound saga with son, Andrew, you know we've been waiting anxiously for the "official" invitation and promised, they arrived this past week (while said son was enjoying a well-deserved spring break Caribbean cruise - a special senior "gift" to him and a friend from his friend's very wonderful parents). So.....drum roll, please......yes, his first choice actually (well, after Kenya - which actually, I think should have been "off the table" since I think the Corps removed everyone from there a couple of months ago!) -- TANZANIA! He's very excited - graduation is Mother's Day weekend -- then June 8th he heads to Philadelphia for 2 days of orientation before flying to Tanzania for a couple of months training at a "Peace Corps hub". Then it's off to his assigned "village" where he will serve from Aug. 24th through 2010 as the "Village-Based Extension Facilitator" (project has to do with crop expansion in the village). Hmmm....wonder how they will feel about pumpkins and gladiolas? LOL! Soccer girl and I are already trying to figure out how we can "swing" a visit sometime in his 2+ years over there (cha-ching! Of course, soccer girl thinks the biggest hurdle is all the shots she would need to get!).

If you want to see exactly where Tanzania is located, there is a map of Africa/Subsaharan Africa posted on the right column of the blog. Tanzania is on the eastern coast, just south of Kenya, and is home to Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome, Terrelle Pryor! Can't Wait for OSU Football 2008!

With yesterday's big announcement, we look forward to "double trouble" (good news!) from the OSU offense this fall!

2008 OSU Football Schedule....never too early to get ready!

  • Aug. 30: Youngstown State
  • Sept. 6: Ohio University
  • Sept. 13: at Southern California
  • Sept. 20: Troy
  • Sept. 27: Minnesota
  • Oct. 4: at Wisconsin
  • Oct. 11: Purdue
  • Oct. 18: at Michigan State
  • Oct. 25: Penn State
  • Nov. 1: Bye
  • Nov. 8: at Northwestern
  • Nov. 15: at Illinois
  • Nov. 22: Michigan

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Blizzard of '08

Yes, we've survived the "Blizzard of '08" or as I jokingly have called it the last few days....(drumroll please)...."The Storm of the Century" (I kept waiting for some newstation to come out with that one ~ no one did)....I think our "official" snow total is around 20" although it is very hard to tell with all the drifting. It's just a lot of snow -- haven't seen this much since our upstate NY days!

Being about 2 miles out of town and down a very long gravel drive, we were very much housebound until a good friend came to plow us out this morning (thanks, Dave!). And then, the shoveling began (thanks, Hannah!).
Not everyone was disappointed by the snowfall as you can see by the "thumbs up" picture and the romping in the drifts. Fun, fun, fun!
Is it spring yet?
P.S. Ooh....a local weathercaster just referred to our blizzard as "a storm for the ages" (that's almost "The Storm of the Century") LOL!!