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Friday, November 9, 2007

Christmas Gift Ideas - Handmade, Not Recalled

I'm giving a try at the EtsyBloggers' Carnival (where different bloggers all post about the same topic and then a "host" gathers the links for the blogs)....we'll see how it goes!

The topic is "Christmas Gift Ideas" and at first I must admit I shied away from posting because my thoughts were about what I actually might be planning for gifts. So, why would I want to post the "surprises" here where the recipient might discover them before Christmas morning?

But, in light of the increasing recalls on children's toys and a conversation I had with my mother regarding "big box" retailers vs. independently owned toy shops and the upcoming Christmas season, my "Christmas Gift Ideas" headed in a different direction. My daughter, a preschool teacher, asked me if such recalls were common when she was a child, and I said, no, not to the extent that we are experiencing now. I told her that I had recently discussed the situation with her grandmother who reflected that she believed small shops, which carried traditional, "made in America" toys, and offered personal assistance/information regarding products would no doubt do much better this holiday season than some of the "big box" retailers given the widespread recalls. I must agree.

In fact, just today, I was thrilled to hand-deliver a new baby gift that I purchased from an Etsy seller, GreenBeanBoutique, knowing that it was handmade with safe, quality products - and the new mom was equally happy and impressed with this new source of handmade, quality items. I know that I've willingly taken the "buy handmade" pledge for this upcoming holiday season. And given the current condition of our commercial toy market, I would encourage all of us to share this option with everyone we know. BUY HANDMADE ~ not recalled!


Simply Wired said...

Great title for your post! And yes I totally agree...I don't remember so many toys being recalled when I was a kid! Go handmade!! Go!!!!

Cozy said...

Great post. Please keep participating in the blog carnivals. The more we spread the Etsy word the better for all of us.

Cara said...

Thanks for linking to me in your post :) I'm enjoying making these dolls. I also get my doll supplies from a work at home family business, and *they* get their wool from another family business :) It's a fun circle that I feel good about participating in.

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