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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Remembering When...

Two forwards in the past couple of days have made me remember warmly....

First, this link to the real story behind Dan Fogelberg's Christmastime classic Same Old Lang Syne ~ . Quite the story and yes, it explains the song so well!

And, as I was browsing Studio Marcy, and saw the Chatty Cathy bead (see below), I immediately recalled my 4th Christmas when ALL I wanted from Santa was a Chatty Cathy doll. Santa, indeed, delivered, but to my (any my parents!) dismay, Cathy wasn't so "chatty" after all but rather sputtered a lethargic, intelligible stream of syllables each time I eagerly pulled her cord. Cathy was returned to the "elves' workshop" for a few days and came back as good as new to my sheer 4-year-old delight.

In my email this morning was this reminder of "Chatty Cathy," along with a host of baby boomers memories, reminding me of the "good ol' days" (or maybe reminding me of how old I'm getting?).


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