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Saturday, July 5, 2008

2 Girls on the Road - Day 2...

Ok ~ confession time, lest family and friends out there start to panic that we've gone off the deep end :-) ~ our GORGEOUS tattoos from Day 1 are henna tattoos and will last up to 3 weeks....but they are quite sweet. Hannah is trying desperately to convince Mom that the "discreet" Chinese peace character needs to become a permanent fixture below the back nape of Mom's neck, but so far Mom's not buying into it! :-)

Day 2 found us "landing" in Tallahassee with Aunt Donna and being hosted by cousin Cindy and family for a wonderful dinner - seeing the kids was a wonderful treat! Lauren is such a sweetie and Taber is all-Winslow for sure! Catching up with Aunt Donna was terrific - we live too far away, indeed!

AND...we were a bit delayed in arriving Donna's condo as we made a quick stop at the outlet mall in Georgia to do my first MIMI SHOPPING ~ that's right, I'm going to be a MIMI (while I am absolutely THRILLED with the news, I'm just not quite ready to accept the "g-word"!!) :-) Sarah and Mike are expecting "Ima Little Connolly" (as he or she is now affectionately called -- thanks, Jack and Dad!) in February!! Such exciting news! So, yes, we did stop and pick up just a few "gender-neutral" ADORABLE items for my first grandbaby! WOW - that's a big word, isn't it?!

Next stop....condo at the beach! YAY!

OH...must not forget ~ QUOTE OF THE DAY:

Hannah: "Oh, look, a puppy! Is that a puppy?!"
Mom: "No, it's a girl with really big hair."

It's an interesting trip, no doubt! :-) Pics are almost impossible to load via dial-up here so we are adding them as we go in the "SUMMER ROAD TRIP" album here on the blog - check it out!


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