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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I love puzzles. I have loved doing jigsaw puzzles with my children when they were small ~ I have enjoyed having a big puzzle set-up at family gatherings for everyone to work on over the course of the holidays ~ and one of my treasured memories will always be seeing my grandmother, now 98, continuing to work diligently, despite her failing eyesight, on her puzzles every Sunday afternoon at my mother's or on the ongoing project always "in play" at her apartment....yes, I love puzzles.

It was great fun to discover a special site today that not only "tickled my muse" but also tickled the "child" in me (or perhaps that may be heart of my muse...). Art Puzzles, from Susan Reynolds' Studio, provide you lovely "art canvasses" which become jigsaw puzzles online at the click of your mouse. A terrific escape and wonderful way to "feed" the muse and the brain at the same time.

So, pour yourself a cup of tea, relax, select your favorite print, and click away - but watch that timer... :-)


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