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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A little road might think it would be a simple matter ~ something to help pass the many miles, to keep the energy of the journey going, to provide some tempo and rhythm to the trek...but ahh, yes, with Thelma and Louise, the battle of the MP3's was an interesting one.

Now it should be noted that for the most part Louise does enjoy Thelma's music and if one were to do a side-by-side comparison of playlists of the two MP3's, one would find numerous duplications - that can be a good thing on a road trip where compatibility is important. However, it should be noted that the one area of music that Louise struggles to accept is rap guessed it, Thelma is a big fan of the genre.

So, you can imagine the scene when Thelma announcea that she has the perfect song for playing as the two of us are rolling through the state of Georgia and Louise begins to hear the beautiful strains of Ray Charles singing, "Georgia on My Mind." "Oh, Thelma," I exclaim, "you don't know how much I love this so..." My words are cut short by the booming beat and words that follow - wait, that's not Ray....what is this? Thelma begins laughing and explains, "Isn't it cool, Louise? It's Field Mob (Louise thinks any group called Field Mob is not a good start...) and they use that old song all the way through but it's so much better. (Louise thinks...better?)

So, rolling through Georgia, Field Mob it is....and several times in Florida - and yes, we hear it again in South Carolina and I'm pretty sure I hear it again today in North Carolina at one point as well.....don't tell, Thelma, but it is kinda growing on me.


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