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Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm sitting in the breakfast nook of my childhood friend, the woman who has known me the longest in my life - save any family member - and still calls me "dear friend," gazing out the window at a hummingbird easily skip from one pink blossom to the next on the unnamed bush outside. The courtyard urban garden is lush in this early Toronto summer and the smell of lilacs is strong and heady, so wonderful.

It has been a beautiful day - warm and sunny - and full - of conversation, friendship, reminiscing, good food, window shopping, fun finds, and new mantras to ponder and hold close...

  • Embrace change.
  • Walk, but don't run.
  • Remember...
  • We need people who know all of us, not just a part of us.
  • Keep calm; carry on.

It has been a good trip.



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