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Monday, January 4, 2010


Ok, yes, I'll admit it, I'm guilty. Completely 100% guilty of blog neglect. I've ignored this thing first for a few days, then a couple of weeks, and before I knew it months, and now a new decade has dawned -- what was I thinking?! :)

So, new year, new decade, time for resolutions and all that, right? Well, at least I can give it my best shot at breathing some new life into the blog world here and see what happens...

Looking back at 2009 ~ becoming Mimi (welcoming my first grandchild!); finding love and saying "yes" (how wonderful to find and share such happiness); road-tripping with my youngest around the country (just call us "Thelma and Louise") for fun, soccer, and college exploration; saying a too-soon 'good-bye' to my remarkable, strong, and so loving father; celebrating my grandmother's 99th birthday (her "secret"? one highball everyday at 5pm)...

Looking ahead to 2010 ~ celebrating Abby's first birthday (my creative daughter has already selected a wonderful theme - "Winter ONE-derland!") ; celebrating "soccer girl's" college commitment (stay tuned - she's close to making an announcement, I think!), her high school graduation, and her travels abroad (Spain this spring, Nicaragua over the summer); planning our "simply" wonderful (key word is "simply") wedding and terrific trip; welcoming my son home from Tanzania for a three week visit before he returns to Africa to extend his work with the Peace Corps...much to look forward to in this new year and in this new decade, indeed.


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