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Friday, January 31, 2014

What's in YOUR Freezer?

Yes, this is a picture of my freezer.  Believe it or not, I have a "working knowledge" of what's in there.  So I was prepared for hubby's question last weekend - "Hon, why do you have a shirt in the freezer?"

"It's not a shirt.  It's my sweater."

"Oh, ok, so why do you have your sweater in the freezer?"

I went on to remind him of how when I bought this new cashmere sweater (my first and only cashmere - at a great sale price, of course), the sales clerk had told "soccer daughter" (who being with me had also jumped in on the deal) and myself about a "tip" she had heard from a woman buying another sweater earlier that week.

The woman had explained that she always stores her cashmere sweaters in the freezer.  She folds them, places them in zip-lock bags, and puts them in the freezer until she needs them.  When she wants to wear one, she removes it from the freezer and the bag, unfolds it, laying it out on her bed while she showers.  By the time she's ready for the sweater, it is ready for her - looking fresh as the day she bought it.  The woman claimed that this method keeps away moths, keeps the sweater fresh, crisp, and cleaner between dry cleaning.

Our sales clerk was careful to say that the store (you can see the label in the picture above - as I said, it was a BIG sale!!) wasn't endorsing the method, but that it was an interesting idea.  Never having owned a cashmere sweater before this one, I'm giving the method a try - as long as there is room in the freezer, that is. ;)  I'll keep you posted -- if you've had success (or failures) with this idea, let me know!


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