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Friday, February 14, 2014

Never Too Late for Love

Ah, another Valentine's Day has arrived.  And have you properly gifted your sweetheart(s) today?  I had been working hard (and secretly, I thought) all week on a Valentine gift for hubby - a special playlist of songs for him from me on Spotify.....all selected carefully, listened to, dragged up to the "My Funny Valentine" playlist spot - you get the idea.  I spent some time on this so as I was preparing to finally sharing it with dearest hubby -- as I was getting ready to type, "Happy Valentine's Day" -- you can imagine my curiosity (and subsequent frustration) when I noticed a red flag up in the corner of my Spotify screen (this is where you are figuring out that I don't know much about Spotify).  I clicked on the flag and read that said hubby had started "following" the "My Funny Valentine" playlist 20 minutes earlier.  Geesh! So much for Valentine surprises!!

All is not lost - for me or for you, if you still are looking for last minute ways to share a Valentine message.  Pinterest had some ideas for the procrastinators among us (or for those of us who would rather not blow the family budget on an 8 pound box of chocolates....well, we would, know what I mean).  Here are a few that I found.

Have a couple of bananas and a Sharpie?

Of course, if your Valentine has a weakness for donuts instead of bananas, this is a great idea - and the link takes you to a free printable from Remarkable Home - easy peasy.

And finally, grab a couple of tootsie pops and some construction paper...

Hugs & Kisses, all!

P.S.  I really wasn't kidding about an 8 pound box of chocolates.  DeBrand's Chocolatier's was giving away this!!


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