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Friday, October 5, 2007

Buckeye Jasper Returns...New Crystal Earrings....and MORE Soccer Pics!

~Found another incredible "Buckeye" jasper piece a couple of weeks ago - another OOAK item - this time a donut pendant which really called for leather wrapping. Also just listed these new "subtle" Buckeye earrings - the Czech glass rounds look like Buckeyes surrounding the scarlet crystals.
~Buckeye Nation Jasper O Necklace.................... ~Buckeye Nation Buckeye Scarlet Earrings
Buckeye Nation Jasper O Necklace Buckeye Scarlet  Earrings

~My favorite new listing this week has to be these crystal earrings - LOVE the color combinations and the light literally dances off the earrings ~ beautiful!
~Crystal Elegance Earrings
Crystal Elegance Earrings

~And, of course, some more favorite soccer pics from Tuesday's game! Way to go, Ladies!


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