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Monday, October 8, 2007

Record-breaking day heat deserves some special listings....and it's Monday!

Is it REALLY October????? Another day of 90, may hard to believe! Promised relief is on its way tomorrow and *fingers crossed* that will be it -- fall will really be here....but, I couldn't resist - here are my latest creations to cool you off!!
~Mama Ice.......................................... ~Baby Ice
Mama Ice Earrings Main Baby Ice Earrings

~Just Because It's Monday...
☼ Get an extra 10% off any and all EBTW this week -- whatta deal!! Shop from the EBTW section of the shop:
where everything is ALREADY on sale for one week only and get an additional 10% off the special listed sale price Just Because it's Monday (all week long).

Remember, JBM is ONLY announced here and ONLY announced on Monday -- this JBM will expire on Sunday, October 13th, at midnight, EDT. Be sure to put "JBM" in your "notes to seller" at checkout and WAIT for a revised invoice before making payment.


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