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Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Long-Awaited Phone Call!

First there was the email waiting for me yesterday morning telling me in very excited fashion of his official assignment, and then the news that he had, indeed, purchased a cell phone and was going to call me right away.....Yes, finally, direct contact and updates from Andrew, my Peace Corps volunteer son in Tanzania!

We had the most wonderful phone chat -- although I can't tell you the number of times both of us simply said - "It's just so good to hear your voice!!" (wonder how much that cost!!??) He is doing so well and succinctly states that the experience so far has been indescribable, incredible, and amazing.

The map above shows roughly where his assignment as a "MENTAL" (Peace Corps environmentalist) for the next two years will be. He was thrilled to learn that he is the first PCV being assigned to this site, but reassured me that there are "plenty of cool volunteers already there" in the region, and explained that he will be approximately 14km from Same. As he describes it, "I'm going to be in the mountains... like... IN the mountains." You can see from the map the close proximity of Mt. Kilimanjaro - a climb he has hoped to make sometime during his time in Tanzania!

Andrew will be sworn in officially on the 20th and then sometime in the next couple of days after that make the trek to his new "digs". I was also happy to see some new photos that he's shared, and he tells me he's sending me more of his host family who I'm looking forward to "meeting" through pictures since they took such good care of him and he thought so much of them!

"No worries, Mom!"


Orion Designs said...

Wow Sue! You must be so excited for him and proud of him too, and maybe a little nervous as well. Share more with us as you hear more from him.

ainse said...

Thanks for sharing, Sue. I love to hear about amazing people doing amazing things in the world!

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