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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thelma and Louise were faced with many questions throughout this journey ~ how long does it take to get to Ruby Falls? where will Thelma go college and what will she do with the rest of her life? how has Louise survived this long with no sense of direction and no concept of distance?

But these real burning questions were answered along the way...
  • Who is Crazy Ed?
1st, Crazy Ed is most likely the proprietor behind this unforgettable establishment along I-75 in southern Tennessee. Thelma and Louise had remembered Crazy Ed's from previous journeys along the road, but were determined this trip to "track down" the actual establishment and document its existence. They were successful.

Thelma and Louise did not actually have the opportunity to meet the proprietor of Crazy Ed' doubt, fortunately.

2nd, Crazy Ed is the name that Thelma affectionately gave to the Tom-Tom GPS unit which provided assistance to the girls along the way. Thelma had great fun with Crazy Ed when she discovered that she could record her own voice - Southern Comfort style - giving directions...."heads up, Uncle Jim, when you get your Tom-Tom back!"
  • Where is Raccoon Valley Road?
Another memory of the girls from previous trips, Thelma and Louise confirmed that Raccoon Valley Road is located in Tennessee, logically not too far from Crazy Ed's. It would make sense.
  • Where can one get the BEST fruit smoothie?
Sonic Drive-in ~ Sweetwater, TN....Thelma and Louise discovered this at midnight the first day of their trip, confirming it the following morning. Wanting to see if their theory was indeed true (or if all Sonic smoothies were the same), the girls did check smoothies in the Florida Panhandle (too sugary and not blended well) and in Nelsonville, Ohio (a close second, but no cigar). Sweetwater, Tennessee Sonic Drive-In -- it's worth the trip.


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