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Friday, April 17, 2009


Thelma and Louise traveled 2913+ miles in just over 11 days for this unforgettable mother-daughter celebration, spring break, college visit craze, mega-trek. They would not have survived had it not been for the sustenance of certain road trip food, those special "road eats," reserved for journeys such as these. Here are "the girls'" favorites...
  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • Cheez-It Crackers (although Thelma discovered too late that these do not travel well when tossing items carelessly into the back seat onto the snack bag....)
  • pretzel sticks (a favorite of Louise's - although Thelma was known to have indulged occasionally when desperate for something different...)
  • Sour Patch Kids (Thelma introduced these to Louise on the trip - while Louise had tried them previously she never developed a palate for them until this excursion....Louise must admit they are quite good and yes, she did enjoy the sweet yet very sour taste and texture ~ yet, she still is not sure she would ever choose to eat them outside of a long car trip with Thelma).
  • Coffee - Louise's drink of choice (usually a morning drink only, but became a day-long requirement during the drives) - first choice was always Starbucks, but Louise usually would have to settle for BP.
  • Mocha LOCO - Thelma's drink of choice to help keep Louise awake (Louise is usually not supportive of Thelma indulging in energy boosting drinks, but under the circumstances and given the alternative - i.e. car swerving off the side of a mountain - Louise thought it probably was better to have Thelma more on the extra alert and talkative side).
Of course, there were plenty of other "special" eats along the way - dinners not to be forgotten, seafood that is always savored, the best Key Lime Pie in Florida (Hemingways' - Pensacola), checking out calamari here and there to determine favorite spots, and revisiting gator bites once again.

All of this gourmandization was bound to lead to another road trip memory...."best belch" (or perhaps, Thelma will remember it as "foulest belch") -- after dinner at Hemingways'....somewhere along Highway 10 on the way back to Tallahassee, yes, Thelma let it out and then groaned softly complaining that the burp 'tasted like' lobster bisque, calamari, and Sour Patch Kids...hmmmm, yum-oh!


Pricilla said...

We goats know all about belching....

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