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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yesterday was Dad's birthday. It was also the day that he passed peacefully, albeit painfully for us, from this earth...even at the end "calling the shots" on his own, just as he had always lived his life.

Here are some "goodbyes," Dad, from your beloved family...

From me....thinking of "Moonlight in Vermont," beautiful gladiola gardens, adorable English bulldogs, driving through big cities while lying down in the station wagon & listening to Italian cursing in heavy traffic, percussion brushes keeping time on the steering wheel to Benny Goodman, stale PEEPS, king of body surfing, pumpkins, Jeeps...the best Dad ever. Happy Birthday, Dad - I will always love you, will always remember.

From Nan...a posting of an incredible short story she wrote after spending time with you last fall in the rehab hospital after your surgery ~

From niece Lindsey...happy birthday grandpa; we all love you so much, you've given us the greatest gift of all. How many people can say they were born again on their birthday?

From granddaughter Sarah...I love you Guck and you will always be my hero.

From great niece Anne...I sip a Bloody Mary through a rough-edged black straw bits of horseradish gallop over my tastebuds and we pay homage, my vodka and I while the leafy green of the celery tickles my cheek like a kiss from you and your scratchy face and you smile through the bartender’s mischievous grin as I inhale, only air bubbles and sporadic drips of cold water cool my burning eyes.


Anna said...

My deepest sympathies. It is so difficult to say goodbye, even when we know it has freed them from the shackles of pain that kept them here.

Pricilla said...

My heart is with you. It is not easy. But you are right; he chose his time. He is at peace now even if you all are not. That will come in time.


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