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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I recently received the "Premio Meme Award" from my dear friend Donna of CtbyDonna, an extremely talented artisan jewelry designer whom I admire greatly. Thanks much, Donna, for passing this on to me, and I encourage you to stop by Donna's shops where you'll find beautiful "Creative Treasures by Donna" ~

The rules of this award is that I am to give 7 facts about myself and pass it on to 7 people. So, seven "interesting" (well, we'll see...) facts about me:
  1. I used to be an elementary school music teacher.
  2. I once broke my leg while in the hospital....riding a food cart while volunteering as a "candy striper" aka "fooling around on the job."
  3. I can sing....well, at least I used to be able to sing....and used to be able to play a fairly mean keyboard and piano. I still enjoy music very much.
  4. I used to be a high school English teacher.
  5. I used to be an office manager, a church music director, a Director of Christian Education, a chief of staff/ do you spell "career ADD"? :-)
  6. I have no sense of direction ~ seriously. But, it doesn't deter me from finding my way.
  7. I once slammed my head in the car door while arguing with my mother ~ ah, yes, a teenager trying to get the last word AND be dramatic by slamming the car door at the same time....hmmm, not a good combination!
And now, the "Premio Meme Award" is passed on to....
  1. brokenteepee
  2. maugustawoodland
  3. crysalliscreations
  4. merigreenleaf
  5. Christelle van Lingen Karooart Designs
  6. A Rose by Name
  7. Beneath the Rowan Tree


Creative Treasures by Donna said...

Thank you so much Sue for the lovely comments! :)

Pricilla said...

Thank you very much for the award. I am sorry I am late in picking it up....

Anna said...

Thank you for thinking of me!

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