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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Greater Organization

Yesterday, I attempted to gather all of our information for taxes and came up short on a couple of needed receipts....and looked guiltily at this....

As a Pin-a-holic, I feel like I should take full advantage of at least some of my activity on Pinterest so this morning I opened up my "Order and Organization" Board (interesting how my Pinterest "house" seems so much more together than my real house) and found a great link, "How to Simplify Your Filing System."  The system is based on David Allen's Getting Things Done, and while I have not read Allen's approach in its entirety, having reviewed the above link and a few others provided there, I do think it might work pretty well for me.

Leo Babauta, of the blog, zenhabits, explains,  
Why stacking doesn’t work: Because it just piles up and then the pile gets a little intimidating and then before you know it you’ve got a huge pile that you never want to go through. Then you can’t find anything when you need it, and now you no longer have a filing system.
Now Leo explains that when he did this with his home filing system it took him about an hour.  Let's just say I started today and got halfway through my files after 3 hours.  You see, hubby and I were married 2 1/2 years ago so right now we still have two filing the pile on the bed. :)  This project may take me a little bit longer than Leo suggests. I'll keep you posted.


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