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Monday, January 28, 2013


Do you "Pin"?  If not - just enjoy the picture... If so, do you pin selectively?  Yes?  You are going to have to explain how you do that - must be linked to my shopping addiction, I'm guessing?  I do not pin selectively.  Now I do not pin everything - there are no pins for wood pallets on my boards - I do understand my limitations and my interests.  There are no pins for weddings (I do still have three unwedded lovely adult children, but I'm thinking with each of them that the circumstances are that when and if a wedding arises, I may have little input - I'll just get to enjoy, not arrive with plenty of pins to share - and if that should change, well, I know I can pin in a hurry).  And there are very few sewing pins...well, sometimes, in a weak moment.

But cookies?  Oh, yes, the "Cookie Jar" board is quite full.  And hubby couldn't be happier.  You see, hubby is the head baker here (which means I couldn't be happier).  This past weekend we "looked" into the "Cookie Jar" to find a new recipe and decided to test out these - Bisquick Chocolate Chip Cookies.  When the first batch came out of the oven, hubby called from the kitchen, after sampling, "I am never making regular chocolate chip cookies again!"  I completely agree - they are beyond delicious.  Definitely a Pinterest success (and you know there are plenty of Pinterest-fails out there).  The picture above is from Plain Chicken's blog, the source of the recipe.  I'd show you a picture of one of our cookies, but our real cookie jar is empty.  Happy Monday!


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