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Monday, April 22, 2013

Official End of a Season and One Step Closer

This was a bittersweet weekend as we were at OWU for "goalie girl's" Alumni Weekend - annual Alumni Game on Saturday and the official team banquet on Sunday.

Saturday was the last year that "goalie girl" would have been able to play with the "collegians" (all seniors play with the alumni), but since she has not yet been cleared for full contact from her shoulder surgery in December she just yelled and "coached" from the bench.  So, in addition to the fun of seeing last year's seniors and some of the other alums, there was a tug at our hearts in seeing this year's seniors "crossing over" to the alumni team and realizing that our daughter would be doing the same in just one more year.  The game ended in a 2-2, tie, following penalty kicks....we think.  Following the game we all headed to the "soccer house," where we had set-up crock pots full of chili (yeah, did you see that temperature on Saturday? c'mon already, spring!) for everyone and caught up with parents as well.

Sunday's banquet was more food, of course, but more importantly, a chance to remember the past season and the past four years for the three seniors.  Mama H. did an amazing Powerpoint for the seniors which also included the rest of the team through the years as well - lots of tears from that one.  We also shed some tears when "goalie girl" earned Team MVP -- very well-deserved and we are so proud. :)))  There was great laughter (and then again, from me, a few tears) when Coach forgot to call our daughter's name with the rest of the juniors -- when he noticed it from the reaction in the room, he explained that he just always thinks of her as either being a senior, or as already graduating, or as being an assistant coach because of everything she does.  Again, :)))  I don't know how I'm going to make it through next year's banquet!

The team looked good 2 weeks ago in their spring games debut and are busy planning for their overseas trip to England and Scotland in August before preseason.  Captain (2nd year - yeah, I know, I'm bragging - Mom's rights) "goalie girl" is very busy.

This is a video of some clips from this season's games that I put together that we had running during the meal - enjoy.



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