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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday's Tanzania

It was the afternoon of our final day in Moshi, and we were gathered where we had started our trip - in Andrew's yard, with Mt. Kilimanjaro looking down upon us.  This was going to be the hard part.  Andrew's good friend, who had provided us with great taxi service when we needed it around the city had arrived to take us to the airport, leaving a little time for some farewell photos.

 I love the photos with our son, but I have to admit that my favorite from the day is this one - Andrew's two "mamas."  Now I know that he is an adult and living on his own and all that - but moms do worry, right?  No need to really do that now that I've met Mama - she is taking great care of him (even if maybe he doesn't always want it) ;)
Visiting Tanzania was a trip of a lifetime, and we made memories that will last as long, indeed.  However, both hubby and I said the most wonderful part of our time there was getting to spend that extended time with Andrew alone, just relaxing and talking, sharing drinks and learning more about his work, the life he has built there, and discovering the young man he has become.  That's why saying goodbye was so very hard.


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