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Thursday, February 11, 2016

When I Was 29...

If you are on Facebook - the great procrastination tool of our era - you may be familiar with some of the quizzes that have floated around over the years of its existence.  I was reminded of this one from 3 years ago in my "FB memories" list and thought it was a fun reflection.

When I was 29...
I lived in: Lincoln, Nebraska - the city that never sleeps...well, except between 10pm and 6am.
Who had my heart:  My precocious, four-year-old Sarah and my independent, two-year-old Andrew.
What I drove: A Ford LTD station wagon
What I did:  Full time - homemaker; part time - substitute teacher (favorite assignment - 6 week maternity leave for a neighborhood friend whose very small district couldn't find an English major teacher and was about to hire anyone who breathed - I had lived that nightmare myself; took the assignment for her and discovered the school was so small I was teaching language arts for grades 7-12, no prep period) and office manager for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.
I feared: Being clueless as a mom.
I wanted to be: Happy.

I am now 54...
I live in Van Wert, Ohio - another city that never sleeps (well, maybe - I wouldn't know - I'm usually asleep between 10pm and ...)
Who has my heart:  Kevin Kelly, who finally found me after all these years :) Ain't life grand?
What I drive: A Toyota Camry
What I do:  Still deciding what I'll "be when I grow up," but for now, I enjoy visiting our family and grandkiddos (we have 2 kids and the grandkids here in Ohio, 1 in Florida - planning a trip to see him for his bday this summer, and 1 in Africa - you all should remember that trip :) ); look forward to one more season of being "soccer mom" (and for any of you out there who were soccer family with me during high school - believe it or not, since they will be roomies next year as well as teammates & friends, looks like what goes around comes around - the OWU graduation celebration at the "soccer house" in May 2014 will be planned in part by myself and Barb Satter! Who knew!); designing and making jewelry (can't tell you when I last bought myself a pair of earrings - well, Africa, but that's different), reading, dabbling in photography and computer stuff, and knitting projects that never seem to get finished (my knitting group appears very polite so far - they never ask where's the so-and-so you were working on...)....oh, and, Hello, my name is Sue and I'm a Pin-a-holic.
What I fear:  Pass.  See, you don't have to answer everything. It's ok to break the rules.  Or you can make something up or put down something like the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz movie - I fear them. Really, I do. When I was little I would go in the other room when they were on.  Now I just hold somebody's hand. :)
What I want: I'm happy. I want my kids to be happy - I know I can't make that happen, but I want them to know how to be happy. I think they do :)  I hope it is always that way.
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