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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Birthday Reflection

Andrew will be celebrating his 23rd birthday on January 3rd ~ in Tanzania, of course ~ and I've asked friends and family to help us "celebrate" by sending me birthday cards to forward to him (don't worry - he doesn't "check in" here very often so I'm not thinking that I'll be letting the cat out of the bag) :-).... Just received the most wonderful note today from Ellen that she asked me to print off and send off to him ~ and as I read it, just one day after my "big day," I couldn't help but be called to reflect myself....thanks, Ellen!

Andrew, Who would have thought when you were celebrating all those birthdays as a kid that someday you would be celebrating your 23rd birthday in Tanzania??? We are enjoying following you on this adventure that will impact you for ever! I am passing on a birthday reflection written by a Joyce Rupp, a Des Moines Catholic Sister of Mercy. Happy Birthday on this special day!!! Your cousin, Ellen

A Birthday Reflection
I look back upon the past year, through the many ups and downs, and I gather my significant memories-people, events, inner stirrings,dreams, jolts, joys, heartaches, etc.-all that touched my life in any sort of special way.

As I look over my year:
I am especially grateful for... the love and support of family and friends.
I am amazed at... my inner peace and strength.
I am puzzled by... difficult lessons and challenges.
I wish that... I might have found that strength and peace sooner.

As I look toward the coming year:
I long for... a purpose-filled life of love, calling, peace, and joy.
I hope that... my family and friends continue to share and grow with me in the journey ahead.
I trust... that next steps are clear, positive, and grounded in who I am.
I promise... to live the life I am called to live.
I ask... for God's direction as I step out in faith.


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