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Sunday, December 7, 2008

MY 50...

It is the eve of my birthday week ~ yes, THE birthday week. Growing up, I was "blessed" (although I don't recall it as a blessing at the time) of being the youngest in my class, in my fact, still being 17 when I left for college, I didn't turn 18 as you can see until almost the end of my first semester there ~ again, not a "blessing" in my mind at the time! LOL!

Now, obviously, ahh - the wisdom of the "ages" - I realize that age is relative...and becomes more relative the older one gets! :-) Of course, this is something I am especially reinforcing in my mind as I begin this week ~ "age is relative" should perhaps be my mantra this week?

But, as I was thinking of that "relative number," I also started to think about the blessings, joy, peace, and happiness that surround me now ~ AND what may still lie ahead for me....what do I still want to do in the next ...(insert "relative number" here)....years. The idea of a list intrigued me, and of course, the internet did not fail me!

Yes, there is a website that can help ~ "My 50 Things to Do in My Lifetime" is a site specifically designed for creating such a list. It is complete with links of sample lists to peruse, suggested places to visit, things to do, books to read, quotes and motivational ideas, others' goals.....lots of "fuel for the fire." I know I'm going to enjoy "playing" with it this week. :-)


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